Your hosts are Yuli from Lombok and Remy from Switzerland.

Our homestay is located in Kuta/Lombok,15 kilometers away from the airport (BIL).

We have two traditional Sasak-houses for rent, and we would like

to welcome guests, who are looking for a peaceful and relaxing holiday

which offers the experience of the Sasak culture.



The Sasak are native to Lombok. They have lived, and continue to live, from agriculture, fishing, and from the ever growing tourism trade. With a rich melting pot of religions and cultures, you will experience their hospitality everywhere. If you venture into the countryside you can find villages which remain as they were some hundred years ago.

The architecture is testament to this and it is here you will find traditional homes such as: the mould-house (balek tani) and the rice house (balek alang or lumbung)

These house are made from 100% natural materials like wood, bamboo, straw, and rattan which make them ideal for the climate.